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What is Best for You?

InPlant training programs introduce the students to real world industrial projects, problems and requirements. We at Ingens offer many different IPT in Chennai that provide real world practical exposure to students, who are otherwise limited to theoretical knowledge. We have many different inplant training programs that are suited to students of different departments…   Read More

We at Ingens offer short term and long term courses in domains like Embedded Systems, VLSI design, PLC for students of core departments like ECE, EEE, EIE and related departments. Our courses are unique because in addition to practical work, we also encourage self learning because in the present world a one time training can become obsolete very fast …Read More

Mini Projects are a gateway to practical work and bigger projects for students and hence we take Mini Projects seriously and encourage students to take up Mini Projects in domains like embedded systems, arduino, VLSI and many other domains related to core departments like ECE, EEE, EIE etc…Read More

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Popular Categories

InPlant Training

We offer many different Inplant training in Chennai for students of different departments and interests. As a company we specialize in core departments and naturally our IPT programs also focus on them. Among our In plant training the following are the most popular among students.

Embedded Systems are the present and the future of all electronics, electrical and automation systems. It is only natural that inplant training in embedded systems is popular among students…   Read More

Our Inplant training in Arduino is popular because, ardunio offers a low cost easy to work with microcontroller system, that any student can easily learn and use for many applications…   …Read More

As a company we work with the widest range of communication technologies, both wired and wireless and naturally our inplant training in communication technologies is popular among students …Read More

Mini Projects

Mini Projects are the stepping stone, into the world of projects and real time practical work, they help the students to understand the theoretical concepts better . We at Ingens Tech, encourage Mini Projects for all departments, and offer 1000s of projects to cater to aspirations of different students.  …

ECE Mini Projects can be based on many different technologies like embedded systems, wireless communication, robotics, automation etc., there are virtually countless mini projects for ECE department that students can choose from…  Read More

EEE Mini projects are  possible in domains like unconventional power, machine controls, automation systems, embedded systems etc., real time projects can be implemented as mini projects for EEE department…Read More

There are 1000s of general electronics mini projects that are relevant to all core departments and hence can be taken up by students of any department like ECE, EEE, EIE and other associated departments…Read More


For students who are looking for more detailed study of either popular technologies like Embedded Systems or specialized technologies like virtual instrumentation, we offer many different courses, across many levels, from short term courses to full fledged long term programs

Embedded Systems is probably the most versatile technology field to specialize in at this point in time. Irrespective of the department of the student, training in embedded systems is relevant to everyone…  Read More

PLC Training is particularly popular among students who are interested in Industrial automation and are seeking a career in the same. For the same reason, our PLC training courses are designed with a industrial focus …Read More

Arduino training is popular among students who like to create new things on their own. Our arduino courses are mostly short term courses that give the students a quick start and a comprehensive overview of the possibilities with the arduino platform …Read More


I first did a mini project with Ingens, then my final year project and even after joining a MNC i keep in touch with Ingens for assistance with my company projects
Kathir, R.M.K Engineering College
Ingens Tech had conducted a one day workshop at our college and we found it very interesting. I am sure to visit them for Inplant training in chennai, during my next sem holidays
Rohit, S.S.N Engineering College
I did my M Tech project with Ingens Tech and it was a gr8 experience. BTW I haven’t visited Ingens Yet ! it was all online and over email 🙂 excellent team
Supriya Sharma, VIT University
We had a requirement for a biomedical equipment for a research work and we trusted Ingens with it…it was a challenging project, but they delivered in time and to the specs we had mentioned. They are excellent technically, even other wise.
Easwaramoorthy, BITS

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