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IPT in Chennai

This article is an follow up to our popular article Inplant Training in Chennai, where we had touched upon options for IPT in Chennai and how Ingens Tech, Chennai can cater to your IPT requirements. In this article we answer some of the frequently asked questions that we have come across from a large […]

Inplant Training in Chennai

            The fact that you are reading this means that you are in some way interested in Inplant training and are looking for where you can undergo an Inplant training in chennai or possibly some nearby places. However if you are not looking for IPT in chennai, and are looking […]

Why Inplant Training ?

Why should you attend Inplant training or any other industrial training?
Fact 1 : As per AICTE records more than 10 lakh engineers are going to graduate out of more than 3000 engineering colleges and universities in India. Any which way you look at this, 10 lakh / year is a huge number and let’s […]