You are hear means that you are curious about arduino and are probably looking for Arduino training in Chennai. In either case read on, this article is aimed at people like you who are looking to explore the exciting world of opportunities that arduino as a creative platform has to offer.

Wikipedia says : “Arduino platform was designed to provide an inexpensive and easy way for hobbyists, students and professionals to create devices that interact with their environment using sensors and actuators.” and we couldn’t agree more.

...Arduino has opened up embedded systems to the whole world and to all engineers irrespective of what department they specialize in..

Arduino – Exciting Possibilities

Arduino is one of those technologies that has the potential to change how people look at a certain technology forever. Consider this – Until about a few years back the terms embedded systems, microcontroller programming and automation were looked at as very complicated things. In fact before arduino happened they were complicated too and we can confirm this out of our own experience as a company doing embedded work for more than a decade.

But with the arrival of Arduino in a big way, that perception has changed. Today, people who are virtually new to microcontrollers and processors are creating projects and applications using Arduino. Basically Arduino has opened up embedded systems to the whole world and to all engineers irrespective of what department they specialize in.

Arduino Training in Chennai

Naturally, there is lot of curiosity about arduino among students in India as well and hence training in arduino is picking up momentum including arduino training in Chennai. We at Ingens, on our part are more than happy to offer training programs in arduino to our students, because we see what arduino is capable of. We believe such a technology should reach all the students, so that students can appreciate the embedded systems in the broader sense

We offer different arduino training in Chennai, both at our office and also at colleges, to reach as many students as we can. Our arduino training programs range from one week short duration training to more detailed training programs that give students a complete understanding of all possibilities with arduino.

Arduino for Projects

Arduino also holds great potential for use in student projects like final year projects. We at Ingens recommend arduino based projects. The advantage with arduino for final year projects is the fact that, when students use arduino they can focus more on the application and less on the assembling and construction of the hardware. Also with arduino students have the advantage of using more complicated technologies on their own, that are available as various shields that can be added to the arduino.