Welcome to Ingens Ignite, free technology workshops by Ingens Tech, conducted at the prestigious IIT M (Research Park), Chennai. For details on What, Why, Where etc about Ingens Ignite, read on…or to register skip to the end of the page.

What is Ingens Ignite?

Ingens Ignite is the name for a series of one day, free of cost workshops organized by Ingens Tech, Chennai. The primary objective behind these workshops is to create awareness about the latest technology trends for engineering students. In these workshops we focus on technologies that are accessible to students, that the students can work with in real time.

Why do We do It?

The one thing that we have noticed in last 10+ years, that we have guided and trained students is – students are very interested in technology, but they are equally confused and unclear about technology.

We at Ingens Tech feel that we have an obligation to students, to provide them easy to understand and use information about recent trends in technology. Thus started this initiative named – Ingens Ignite. Under this initiative we focus on various technologies that students should be knowledgeable about. Most often than not these are technologies that the college curriculum cannot cover in adequate detail because of various reasons.

Where does it Happen?Workshop at IIT M

Presently these workshops are organized at the prestigious IIT M (Research Park), Chennai. Why? -Because we could not think of a better location to discuss technology than an IIT ! (Also because it is a very convenient venue and does not need introduction)

When does it Happen?

We organize these from time to time, whenever we find time and whenever we feel students also have time to listen to us. Hence mostly these workshops are organized on weekends or semester holidays etc..

How can You Participate?

If you are interested in participating in Ingens Ignite workshops, all you need to do is register hereĀ and whenever we organize the next workshop we will send you an email / SMS announcement. The only requirement for participating in these workshops is that you should be a student and when required you should be able to produce a college identification (College ID card / bonafide Letter)

Register !