Why Inplant Training ?

Inplant training is an essential part of any engineering and technology education, for many reasons. Inplant training offers first hand and real time projects experience to students who are otherwise confined to the mostly theoretical education in colleges. Through inplant training the students can relate the academic knowledge to the real world application situations. Quite often in technology education, students go through academic curriculum without understanding how concepts relate to real world applications. Inplant training programs offer a opportunity to the students to related the academic knowledge with the real world. We at Ingens recommend and highly encourage Inplant training for engineering students for the same reasons.

The Ingens Advantage

Our parent company Ensemble tech Pvt Ltd, has completed many industrial projects for diverse clients in many sectors. It is this experience that we offer to the students in the form of Inplant training in Chennai. Since 2003 our technology teams at Ensemble Tech have completed projects for clients ranging from multinationals to small and medium scale industries. We have also worked with different technologies that fall in the purview of engineering departments like ECE, EEE, EIE and associated departments.

We have specialised programs targeted at Inplant training for ECE students, EEE students and related departments. These IPT are designed to offer useful practical knowledge to students within a span of few days. Over the years many students have undergone such inplant training at our Chennai development centre and have found them very relevant and useful. We have received lot of feedback from students saying that ours is the best inplant training in Chennai and we try to live up to that reputation.

As a company we specialize in fields like embedded systems, VLSI design, PLC programming and automation etc. Hence we are in a position to offer inplant training in all these areas to students. Our inplant training programs are designed to offer hands on experience to students in these domains and the latest technologies related to them. At Ingens, students have the choice to pick the domain they want to undergo inplant training in.