This article is an follow up to our popular article Inplant Training in Chennai, where we had touched upon options for IPT in Chennai and how Ingens Tech, Chennai can cater to your IPT requirements. In this article we answer some of the frequently asked questions that we have come across from a large section of students.

The most common question that we come across from students with respect to IPT in Chennai at Ingens Tech, is also the most obvious one – Which are the departments we offer IPT for? This is slightly tricky question to answer because though the IPT we offer are primarily aimed at core departments, some of our programs are also very relevant to other departments related to CSE, IT and also mechatronics etc. But since our primary speciality is core departments we have IPT programs categorised as the following

  • IPT for ECE students
  • IPT for EEE students
  • IPT for EIE students

Needless to say these are also relevant to associated departments like Instrumentation and control, mechantronics etc. For more details on the IPT for the individual departments, click on the respective department names.

Unlike most other companies that require you to come to Chennai and register for an IPT. We have made this very convenient for the students and we have a online registration process, where the students can plan ahead and register for an IPT in Chennai, before coming here. For the registration all the students needs to do is to visit the link mentioned here and fill in the necessary details, and we will ensure that when you arrive at our Chennai office for your selected IPT, we have already allotted dedicated time slots for you. This ensures that your full time of stay in Chennai is used optimally and we can ensure the best use of your time.

Our office is located in the heart of the Chennai city and is well connected to every corner of the city through all the public transportation options. Hence quite often students end up finding some relatives or friends place, where they can stay. But in the event that the students do not have any other accommodation options, we can assist the students with information about very economical and at the same time safe accommodation options in very close proximity of the office. Needless to say we have options for both boys and girls and hence stay and accommodation should be the last thing on the mind of the students before they come to for an IPT in Chennai.

            These are some of the most common questions that we come across and hence for the information of the students we have answered them here. If you have any other questions, do leave us a message at the bottom and we will answer them as soon as possible. Information on more questions will be added here as and when we feel it is important to add here.