Before we get into Mini Projects for EEE, we recommend that you read our other article on why mini projects are more important that final year projects. If you already have read that one then continue on. Also this page is targeted at EEE department or in general electrical mini projects. If you are looking for details for other departments visit the respective pages.

                We have noticed that many electrical students are under the impression that electrical mini projects in core electrical fields are not possible for various reasons like cost and complexity etc. At Ingens Tech this is certainly not the case, because we offer many mini projects for EEE department students that are core electrical projects. Having said that electrical students should not restrict themselves to only core electrical projects and should try out general electronic mini projects as well. Because mini projects are all about learning and its always best to learn as much as you can, and not restrict yourself to certain domain or technologies.

Mini Projects for EEE – Popular Domains

                Following is a list of domains that we recommend for electrical students to choose a mini project from. Needless to say the following list only partial and to give a starting idea to the students. Apart from this there are many other fields in which Mini projects for EEE are possible and at Ingens Tech we handle all the possible fields for electrical mini projects.

  • Robotics
  • Electrical Machines Control
  • Electrical Machines Monitoring and Protection
  • Unconventional Power
  • Power Line communication
  • Power systems simulations
  • Industrial Automation
  • Home Automation
  • Vehicular Automation
  • Saftey systems
  • Security Systems
  • Wireless controls
  • etc…

How to Choose?

                We wish there was a easy answer to this question, but there isn’t any. So the best way to start looking for a project idea is to look around your day today life and look for problems (small or big) that can make day today like easier and more comfortable…if you cna identify something like that, then that is a good starting point. Read our article on selecting a mini project, for a more detailed explanation on how to start.