At Ingens Tech we believe that  mini projects are in a way more important that final year projects for engineering students. Why? You might ask. The simple answer is that mini projects get the students started with real time practical work. Unlike lab experiments this is practical work that students choose on their own. With final year projects, students are under university compulsions and career prospects considerations. With mini projects students are not under any compulsions and the choice is more out of interest.

The Bright Side of Mini Projects

The many advantages of Mini Projects…

Marks are Not at Stake – One more important thing about mini projects is that mini projectsince no one is judging your mini project and granting you serious marks, you can feel free to experiment with whatever you want to do!! That in itself is a great thing, because you can choose anything that excites you. Give yourself an  A+ every time !

Money Matters – Also a mini project cost significantly less than final year projects and hence cost is not a limitation. Mini projects can be taken up at any point during engineering and hence many mini projects can be done throughout the course of engineering.

Stand Out Resume – Mini Projects can really make your resume stand out against the competition, because mini projects display your interest in technology and any recruiting person would be more than happy about that.

We all Hate Documentation– Among the best things about a mini project is that you don’t have to bother about extensive documentation / reports / papers publishing etc. Although documentation of every work is a great habit, but let’s accept it we all hate documentation and with mini projects documentation is not a problem at all 🙂

Oh! and You Learn Too – Mini Projects can be excellent learning experiences because you are not rushing towards a deadline and hence you can take all the time in the world to understand and learn what is going on.

There are many other reasons why we think mini projects are awesome…but we hope you get the idea by now.

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