Robotics is fascinating and there are no debates about that. You reading this can only mean that you are fascinated about robotics and are probably looking for robotics training in Chennai. In either case you have come to the right place. We at Ingens Tech are also fascinated about robotics and we also offer robotics training in Chennai.

Robotics is for Everyone

Robotics in general has always captured the imagination of every human. Robots are the closest machines that can (to  varying extent) do, what we humans can do. For the same reason robotics appeal to everyone and not just technology students and engineers. We understand this and our different robotics training programs are designed to address the curiosity and needs of different people.

Robotics Training in Chennai

For people looking for robotics training in Chennai, we have different programs ranging from three day workshops to month long full-fledged courses. With these training programs we try to address students of different levels ranging from students who are about to go into engineering all the way to students who want to take up robotics as a career.  For more details on our specific training programs see this.

We recommend robotics training programs to all students irrespective of their departments

We recommend robotics training programs to all students irrespective of their departments, because with robotics there is learning opportunities for every students. Robotics is one field that is a combination of many engineering disciplines like electrical, electronics, instrumentation, communication, mechanical and computer programming. In fact for any students who is serious about robotics, should be knowledgeable to some extent about all these fields. This partly the reason why our robotics training in Chennai is popular across students from all departments.

Robotic Projects

Robotics also makes for a great area for student project work, like final year projects and even mini projects. We at Ingens Tech offer a whole lot of robotic projects options that students can choose from. We are also open to ideas from students about projects in robotics, that students might come up with on their own, and need help implementing.