Why should you attend Inplant training or any other industrial training?

Fact 1 : As per AICTE records more than 10 lakh engineers are going to graduate out of more than 3000 engineering colleges and universities in India. Any which way you look at this, 10 lakh / year is a huge number and let’s not forget this is for just one year. Bottom line is once out of college you are one among more than 10 lakh engineers, most of them looking for jobs !!

Fact 2 : According to almost all surveys more than 50% of Indian engineers are unemployable, because of lack of skills like practical and real time exposure, that the companies are looking for.

  So the real question is how do you make yourself stand out in this more than 10 lakh huge  crowd of engineers?

The obvious answer is – you learn and gather skills that the companies value highly and more importantly differentiate yourself from the whole crowd of engineers who are going to be out there competing against you.

As a company we ourselves look at thousands of resume every year, most of them from freshers and the truth is that apart from the details like personal and education details all these resume look identical and they are all mostly blank, when it comes to the skills that we look for.

The real question is how do you make yourself stand out in this crowd of more than 10 lakh engineers?

           In all these resume, there is hardly any mention of any practical training, like inplant training that the students have undergone. In the few that have any mention of inplant training or similar trainings, most often than not they are just for the sake of certificates and students themselves haven’t gained anything from such trainings.

why in inplant training            So the need is for the students to undergo real time training programs and inplant trainings that actually add something to their practical knowledge. We understand that most students don’t have the time and the resources to undergo extensive long term courses. But every student must at least spend a few days in every semester holidays to undergo some practical training, like inplant training. That way, by the end of their final year, the student has real time exposure to many different technologies and domains.

            In addition to the obvious exposure and knowledge, such inplant training programs can also help students identify their own area of interest. Such trainings can also help students select a appropriate final year project, that would be relevant to the industry or company that they are targeting.

            So the bottom line if you take attend a few days of real world training like inplant training in your semester holidays, you can differentiate yourself against the huge crowd of engineers that are going to pass out with you. It will also help you identify you area of interest and help you to start working towards the same.